Welcome to BridgeTheGap!

God has provided us with a historic opportunity to welcome new immigrants from Hong Kong. For many of them, starting a new life in a new country is a daunting prospect, but their arrival here affords us a unique opportunity to help practically and spiritually as they settle in our neighbourhoods.

To help you make the most of this opportunity, we have created five online courses to enable you better to understand Hong Kong people. Each course will run for a period of ten days, and should take around eight to ten hours to complete. Real-time participation and interaction are not required. Instead, you will work at your own pace, interacting with facilitators and other participants through forums.

The courses are

Introduction to Hong Kong Life and Culture 101 (BTG1)

This is an introductory course and will equip you to befriend people from Hong Kong and build the bridges needed to come alongside in support.


Hong Kong Lifestyle (BTG2)

In this course we look closer into the daily routine of different Hong Kong people such as young professionals, students, families, and Christians.


Sharing the gospel with someone from Hong Kong (BTG3)

Here we look at key considerations to be borne in mind when sharing the gospel with someone from Hong Kong.


How can the Chinese encounter the Love of God? (BTG4)

In this course we help you think through some of the issues that can arise when trying to communicate the gospel with Chinese friends.


Providing Emotional Support (BTG5)

This course will help you appreciate some of the psychological stress that people from Hong Kong have experienced in recent years, and better equip you to offer emotional support.